2021-2022 Return to School Schedule

We are bringing students back a little differently this year.  Will hold orientation days to welcome students back to school, go over policies/procedures/safety protocols, get the students familiar with the campus, and have students go to each of their classes to meet their teachers. If you would like to schedule a campus tour prior to Orientation, we will have tours available on Monday, July 26, and Tuesday, July 27 (see below for details).

Orientation Days:

Tues, August 3             11th (class of 2023) & 12th (class of 2022) Graders Only

                                    No school on August 4 & 5


Wed, August 4             10th Graders (class of 2024) Only

                                    No school on August 3 & 5


Thurs, August 5           9th Graders (class of 2025 - new Freshmen) Only

                                    No school on August 3 & 4


All students Report:

Friday, August 6          All students report to school and will attend all periods


Monday, August 9       All students report every day

                                    Begin Even Period & Odd Period Schedule rotation

Campus Tours:  Campus tours will be given during the above Orientation Days.  However, if you'd like to schedule a tour before then, tours will be available for all Waiākea High School students on Monday, July 26, 1:00pm - 4:00pm, and Tuesday, July 27, 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Schedule a Campus Tour Appointment


No walk-ins will be allowed to participate in guided tours.  Questions may be emailed to Patti Nishimoto, Student Activities Coordinator, at patti.nishimoto@k12.hi.us.

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