Administrative and Non-Teaching Faculty

Although teachers are often the only members of the Waiakea High School faculty that have the chance to interact with their students on a daily basis, the non-teaching staff members on the Waiakea High School faculty play a large part in ensuring and supporting each student's academic, social, and emotional health. Some, like the counselors, offer academic planning and emotional counseling, while others, such as the librarians, offer extra education resources or activities. All play an important part in ensuring the functional efficiency of Waiakea High School.

To contact any of the staff members, call the school's main number (808) 974-4888 and enter the extension number when the recorded greeting begins.



Mr. Kelcy Koga - ext. 228


Vice Principal

Mr. Travis Toriano - ext. 227

Mr. Adrian De Mello - ext. 237




Mrs. Liane Martin- ext. 225

Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Heather Fomenko - ext. 226


Grade 09 - Adrel Vicente - ext. 267

Academy of Industry and Technology - Heather Tagawa - ext. 269

Arts and Communication Academy - Penny Yanagisawa - ext. 270

PSA Academy- Toni Sakai-Kawada - ext. 353

Health Academy - Laurie Higa - ext. 276

PSSAS - Johnalynn Manoha - ext. 290

Student Activities Coordinator

Patti Nishmoto - E103 - ext. 362

Technology Coordinator

Donn Yamamoto - Q-101 - ext. 235


Leslie Fukushima - O-Lib - ext. 288

FOL / SLC / Curriculum Coordinator

Yannabah Weiss - QWkrm - 974-4822

Early College Coordinator

Zaida Igawa - C103 - ext. 249

Resource Coordinator

Elizabeth Andrade - QWkrm - 974-4822

AVID Coordinator

Zaida Igawa - C103 - ext. 249