Course Registration Process & Course Catalog

SY 2022-23 Course Requests in Infinite Campus

Course Registration forms submitted to the Registrar's Office will be entered in IC in December 2021. The final student schedules will be released in July (1-2 weeks before the first day of school).

Course Registration Process

Course registration for School Year 2022-23 occurs from November 17 - December 1, 2021Late course registration will occur from December 7, 2021 - July 29, 2022.  Scheduling priority is given to those who submit course registration on or before the December 1, 2021 deadline.

Printed copies of the Course Registration material will be distributed to Waiakea High School students on November 17 during Advisory.  Waiakea Intermediate School students will also be receiving their copies around that time. Electronic copies will also be linked below.

If you are distance learning and would like printed materials, contact the Registrar's Office to schedule an appointment:

Registrar Clerk:  Ms. Lei Anna Nakashima       808-974-4888  extension 241

Registrar:            Mrs. Liane Martin                   808-974-4888   extension 225

Distance learners will be held to the same deadlines as all other students.

Non-Waiakea Intermediate School and Non-Waiakea High School students enrolling at Waiakea High School for the 2022-23 school year can submit a Course Registration Form, however it will not be processed until the student is formally enrolled to Waiakea High School.  See details on how to enroll by clicking here.

We hosted a virtual Freshman Ohana Night for incoming 9th graders from all schools on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 5:00 PM.  (  If you missed this WebEx Event, you may view the slide presentation and/or a recording of the presentation is available by clicking below.

Freshman Ohana Night Slide Presentation

Freshman Ohana Night Recording

Please see the resources below to help guide you through the course registration process

Course Registration Process for All Students & Parents (slide presentation)

Registration Policies and Procedures for incoming 9th Graders (instruction sheet)

Registration Policies and Procedures for incoming 10th, 11th & 12th Graders (instruction sheeet)

Catalog of Courses

Course Registration Appointments

Parents of current Waiakea High School students and incoming Waiakea High School students and parents can schedule a virtual or in person appointment with the WHS Registrar for additional advising. 

Course Request Worksheet and Forms (links will go live on November 17, 2021)

Course requests cannot be fulfilled until official Enrollment Forms are completed.  

  • Use the Course Registration Form together with the Course Catalog to help you select courses and electives.  Electives available to each grade level can be found on page 2 of each Course Request Worksheet with page number references to the 2022-23 Catalog of Courses. 

9th Grade (Class of 2026)

10th Grade (Class of 2025)

11th Grade (Class of 2024)

12th Grade (Class of 2023)

AP Contract 

AP Contracts must be attached to Course Registration Forms.


Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

(808) 974-4888 x225

Graduation Planning

Need help keeping track of your progress? Do you know all your graduation requirements?

Feel free to use the Graduation Planning Sheet to help keep you on track.