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Report Cards

Quarter 1 (Aug 7 - Oct 6)          Thursday, October 26           Through Period 1 Classes

Quarter 2 (Oct 17 - Dec 21)      Thursday, January 18          Through Period 1 Classes

Quarter 3 (Jan 8 - Mar 15)       Thursday, April 4.                  Through Period 1 Classes

Quarter 4 (Mar 25 - May 30)    June 17 - 21                           Picked up at the Registrar's Office (A102)* 

Parents who prefer to have report cards mailed home can provide the Registrar's Office with a self-addressed, stamped envelope or bring $1 cash to the Registrar's Office where you will be asked to complete an address form.

A picture ID will be required to pick up Report Cards from the Registrar's Office.  Report Cards will be released to the student or to the legal parent/guardian.

Students who do not have a Period 1 class or who are absent on Report Card distribution day, can pick up their Report Cards from the Registrar's Office (A202).  We will destroy unclaimed Report Cards one month after the distribution date.

Progress Reports

Quarter 1          Thursday, September 7       Through Period 1 Classes & Infinite Campus (IC)

Quarter 2          Thursday, November 16      Through Period 1 Classes & Infinite Campus (IC)

Quarter 3          Thursday, February 8          Through Period 1 Classes & Infinite Campus (IC)

Quarter 4          Thursday, April 25               Through Period 1 Classes & Infinite Campus (IC)

Parents & students can view the Progress Reports by following these steps:

  • Log into Portal Account 

  • Click on Documents

  • Click on the appropriate school year

  • Select the appropriate Mid-Quarter Progress Report

If there is no mid-quarter grade reported for a course, this indicates that the student is passing the course.

If you have trouble logging into your Infinite Campus (IC) account, please click here.  You should receive a response within 1-2 business days.

Contact the Registrar's Office at 808-480-3173 for questions or concerns

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