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Academic Excellence

Aim for greatness

Here at Waiākea High School we want every child to reach their potential, that is why we offer many unique opportunities for each student to shine within the community. From academic competitions to senior projects we aim for every student to demonstrate their unique talents and abilities.

Smaller Learning Communities

The Smaller Learning Communities of Waiākea High School are composed of a Freshman Academy and four career academies. Smaller learning communities allow teachers and other adults within the school to know individual student’s needs, interests, and aspirations and to provide the necessary academic supports to facilitate learning.


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Freshman Academy

All ninth graders begin in this academy designed to transition students into the rigorous high school setting. In this academy, students are encouraged to discover their unique interests before deciding on one of the individualized academies.

Arts & Communication Academy

The Arts & Communication encompasses the Creative/Artistic Expression, Travel & Tourism, and Communication careers in related fields including but not limited to: digital media, communications, cosmetology, music, photography, culinary arts, illustration and design, hospitality, and fitness.

Academy of Industry and Technology

The Academy of Industry and Technology encourages the pursuit and perseverance in the careers of Business, Engineering, Sciences and Technology with work-based knowledge and experience, as well as a strong academic foundation so our students become contributing members of society.

Health Services Academy

Through a science-based curriculum, the Health Service Academy promotes opportunities for students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become ethical health advocates within their society.

Public Services Academy

The Public Services Academy is devoted to developing our community of young global leaders who are our future public services professionals.

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Advanced Placement

Waiākea High School is committed to providing an environment in which all students have equal access to all classes, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes. AP courses are college level courses based on the College Board course description guidelines. These classes provide students with an emphasis on critical thinking skills, college preparatory experiences and opportunities to earn college credit if they earn a qualifying score on the AP exams. Students who enroll in AP courses are expected to take the course for its duration, and they are required to take the appropriate AP exam(s) with a good-faith effort in May to receive the weighted grade. Waiākea High School requires that all students and their parent/guardian(s) sign a contract to acknowledge that the student is making an informed decision regarding enrollment in Advanced Placement classes. Waiākea High School offers the courses necessary to earn the College Board AP Capstone Diploma as well as the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

Running Start

Running Start at Hawai‘i Community College (HawCC) and the University of Hawai‘i-Hilo (UHH) is an optional program designed to provide academic opportunities for qualified high school juniors and seniors. Students are able to enroll in HawCC and UHH classes and earn both college and high school credits. Interested students must take the Accuplacer or equivalent placement tests in reading, writing, and/or math and meet the pre-requisite levels for the course. The UH System Application Form and Dual Credit Form must be completed. College tuition and fees apply. Interested students can begin applying in the spring semester of their sophomore year of high school and should consult with their counselor regarding course selection. Students and parents must also read and sign the Waiākea High School Running Start Criteria form. For more information see a counselor and/or go to
* Graduating Seniors may only take courses not required for graduation during the Spring term of their senior year.

Early College

Early College is a cohort Running Start program that provides students a range of supports and the opportunity to earn at least 12 college credits at Hawai'i Community College (HawCC). Early College students enroll in a series of pre-selected dual credit courses at the high school campus beginning in the summer before their sophomore year until the second semester of their senior year. Early College students have the potential to earn an Associate’s Degree while enrolled at Waiākea High School. Interested students can begin applying in the spring semester of their freshman year and should consult with their counselor or the Early College Coordinator. Students must meet admission criteria and submit the Early College Application and the Early College Student and Parent Consent form. College tuition and fees may apply. Qualified applicants may receive Early College tuition assistance.  Visit our Early College website:

Remedial Opportunities:

Edmentum (PLATO) Credit Recovery

Edmentum (PLATO) is an on-line program that provides curriculum that’s interactive, engaging and fits many learning styles.  Edmentum offers credit recovery courses. Course work may be done either on-campus or off-campus (internet accessible location), however, all exams need to be completed on-campus. There are processing fees and supervision fees associated with this program. Interested students or guardians may consult with a school counselor for additional information.

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