This yearʻs sophomore get a second chance
by Lujan-Nevaeh Purdy

   With our first year in high school being taken away due to COVID-19, many students like myself haven’t been able to attend regular classes. This all changed by the announcement of this upcoming year. The students of Waiakea High School finally began in-person classes like many of us wanted, I know I did. 

     For the first week of the school year, all grades were separated so newcomers like freshmen and sophomores would be able to get accustomed to the drastic change of environment. This will allow students like me to find their classes prior so they don’t struggle on the real day.

     My very first day of attending an in-person high school was wednesday 8/4/21. Though waking up early wasn’t that big of a deal, getting ready to leave my house was. By the time I actually got to school it was about 7:05-7:10 am. 

     Cars started to rush in by 7:25-7:30am, but since it was just one grade, the traffic wasn’t that crazy. More and more sophomores began to pile into the opening hall near the drop-off station, none of us students really knew where else to go. That changed as soon as one of the school workers saw us and told us to stand elsewhere.

     If you want me to be honest, walking away from that area was horrendous, I was already waiting for my friends as it is but making me walk into a crowd of less people made it more obvious that I was lonely. Luckily the particular friend I was waiting for has a parent that is a nurse so she came early anyways. 

     I made my way to see another one of my friend’s by the school tour station. Since I came to school so early, I got to take my tour quicker than the school schedule expected. The last stop on my tour was my homeroom where I got to watch the virtual welcome back assembly. 

     When the bell rang, I made my way to my first class, Geometry. Since it was the first day of school, all seven of my classes that day were filled with introductions and syllabi. Recess came around and I decided to eat early in the cafeteria. As for lunch, I had student government duties so the time went by quickly. The traffic after school was nothing to joke about, the line of cars alone probably reached the intermediate. Overall, I really enjoyed my first day of school, it wasn’t too hard but the walking from class to class definitely didn’t make it easy.