Message from the Registrar's Office - Spring 2021

Final Year-End Transcripts for Seniors

SENIORS requiring a final transcript to the college/university of choice must submit a transcript request form with the mailing address to the Registrar’s Office (A202). If requests are made by May 28, these transcripts will be mailed/emailed on June 14, 2021. Any requests after May 28 may not be available until the following week.

We prefer that all transcripts be mailed or emailed. 

If you would like to pick-up your final transcript, please call for an appointment:  974-4888 x241

Report Cards

  • All report cards will be mailed.

  • Please make sure that we have your current mailing address on file.

  • Parents/Guardians can email corrections/updates to mailing addresses.

  • Any report cards returned to our office will be attached to the student's SY 2020-21 Class Schedule.

Transferring Students

A student not returning to Waiākea High School next school year must have a parent/legal guardian come in to sign a release form to authorize the transfer of student records to the forwarding school. A Release Packet will be available for pick-up after June 14.  

Please call for an appointment (974-4888 ext 241)

Schedule Pick-Up for SY 2021-2022 

Course Schedule Pick-Up & Fee Payment will be held on two (2) days from 9 AM - 1 PM in the Waiakea High School Gym.  As we are a cash-only school, please make all payments in cash (we are not able to accept checks, money orders, or electronic payments).

Tuesday, July 20          10th (class of 2024) & 12th (class of 2022) Grades Only

Wednesday, July 21    9th (class of 2025) & 11th (class of 2023) Grades Only

  • Payment for

    • yearbook ($50)

    • student fees ($25)

    • bus payments will be collected at this time.

Exact amounts for separate payments are requested.  Waiākea High School is on a CASH ONLY payment system.

  • NEW incoming students can also have their ID pictures taken.

  • We will also provide application assistance for Free and Reduced Meal Benefits (please bring the following information with you: 

    • SNAP/TANF case number

    • children's birthdates

    • each household member's gross wages/welfare/child support/alimony/pension/retirement/etc. and frequency

    • total income of household and frequency

  • Campus tour guides

  • PTSA sign-ups

  • CU Hawaii Information

If you have family members in more than one (1) grade level, you can pick-up all schedules and make all fee payments during any day that you have a child scheduled for.

Schedule Pick Up Flyer

Class Schedule Changes for SY 2021-2022

Schedule changes are allowed due to summer school enrollment and scheduling errors.  These are ongoing at the Registrar’s office and will continue until 3:00 pm, Friday. July 23. Thereafter, schedule changes will be through the student’s respective academy counselor. Students with a report card from a summer school other than Waiākea High School should process a schedule change as soon as possible by bringing the report card to the Registrar's office or emailing a picture of it to:  

Please call for an appointment (974-4888 ext 241)

New Incoming Students

Students transferring from schools outside of the Waiākea complex (public or private), must have a Release Packet from the previous school which includes a transcript, current report card and health record. A birth certificate or passport and two proofs of residency verification (i.e. most recent utility bills, escrow or tenant agreement, etc.) are also required. If applicable, an approved GE, legal guardianship document, and/or a notarized Power of Attorney may be required.  You may start the enrollment process by following the instructions here:

When all documents are available, please call the Registrar’s office at 974-4888 ext 241, to schedule an appointment.