Hawaiian Word of the Month is Kanilehua

By Lilia Auld



Ka Leo O Ke koa
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The online student news source of Waiakea High School - 2021-2022 (Dec. 6 Edition)

Our own Ms. Aragaki was selected as 2022 Hawaii DOE State Teacher of the Year this past Friday, Dec. 3 in a live Ceremony put on by the Department of Education. See the Official DOE video above as we captured the live announcement and her Inspiring Speech.  Thank you Ms. Aragaki... Waiakea High School science teacher, Waiakea Alumni, and now Hawaii State Teacher of the Year!

Waiakea High Variety Show Auditions start on Dec. 14

By Louis Perroy

     The Variety Show is a tradition that has been maintained by Waiakea High School for many years. For the first time in two years, the show will be held face to face, with a real audience and performers. Featuring the many talents of Waiakea students, the show is organized by the Waiakea Arts and Communications academy and Ms. Pierce. Many students have signed up and it looks like it will be a great show.

     The people running the performance are very excited about the prospects of this year’s show, which will be taking place February 5th, in the warrior gym. To see last year’s virtual performance, click the link below.




Taking care of your pet dog during the holidays

By Lacey Wong


   The month of December brings the holiday season along with it, and that means that lots of holidays happen, from Hanukkah to Christmas. With holidays come parties, too. If you have a dog (or any domestic household pet, really), you’re most likely guilty of slipping them a few table scraps (I’m just as guilty of this…). However, dogs can’t eat everything. You probably are aware of the fact that foods, such as chocolate, are toxic for them to ingest. But wait, there’s more to it! Here are a few things not to feed your dogs, as well as popular holiday foods that they can eat.


“Okay, so… What can’t they eat?”


Alcohol is a given, obviously. Even a tiny drop of it can make them severely sick (or even cause death). Even if the alcohol is in bread or syrup, it’s a no-go for dogs. Most seasonings, such as salt and sugar, are also bad for dogs to ingest. Salt can cause your dog to become dehydrated, when eaten in large amounts, which can lead to sodium ion poisoning. This includes salt as a seasoning (for example, in deli ham). Onions can cause red blood cell damage for your dogs, and coffee/caffeinated products can lead to a case of severe poisoning for dogs.


NOTE: If your pet has accidentally ingested something that is toxic to them, call the Animal Poison Hotline at (888) 426-4435 immediately.


“Well, what can my dog eat?”


There’s a good amount of holiday food that they can eat, although it’s important to not make it their entire diet. Unseasoned white meat (such as turkey and chicken) are okay to feed them, and so are sweet potatoes (fun fact: my two dogs love sweet potatoes, it’s their favorite treat). Carrots are too (of course, you should still wash them). There are obviously a lot more, but those are the ones that I see most frequently during the holidays.


That sums it up, basically. If there are any other foods that you want to feed your dog, but are unsure about whether or not the food is not good for dogs, then Googling it is your best bet. Also, just a tip, it’s a horrible idea to make their entire diet table scraps. It’s okay to treat them, but making them only eat table scraps probably isn’t the healthiest decision to make, on your part.

Winter Week.jpg

This Week is SGA Warrior Winter Week!

By Sri Butz


This week from the 6th to the 11th of December Waiakea High School will be holding a winter week. Monday the 6th is Warrior Elfie Monday where the theme is to dress up in an ugly Christmas sweater and find Warrior Elfies Polu and Kea. Tuesday the 7th is Winter Warrior Express. The theme of this day is to wear pajamas, find the magic bells, and come to E103 either in the morning or during recess. Wednesday the 8th is Frosty’s Winter Warrior Wednesday where students wear white or dress as a snowman. On this day don’t forget to stop by the quad for a snowball fight and icy treat. 


Red-Nosed Reindeer Races is on Thursday the 9th and students should wear brown or dress as a reindeer. Stop by the quad to watch some reindeer games. Friday the 10th is day 5 and Santa comes to town! Dress in any Christmas colors, bring a Santa hat, and come to the quad for some Christmas trivia. Santa will give you a present if you answer correctly. The last day is Saturday the 11th and is day 6. On this day come to school from 6:00 pm to 9:00 for 2 different showings of the movie Elf. You need a ticket to enter and snacks will be provided. Warriors, please participate in these activities to show your class spirit!

What does Christmas mean to you? 

By Jayden Hashimoto


Often, Christmas has many meanings to different people. For example, some are just about seeing family, others just like the presents they give and receive. Others like to stay at home and enjoy the day. I am gonna interview people to get on what they think about Christmas.


Parents have a different perspective than students.  When I interviewed my dad and he said  "To me, Christmas is a time to reflect on all the things that make our lives special. It is a time to celebrate family and friends and reach out to those both near and far away. Christmas goes beyond trading gifts and eating great food. Sure, those things are wonderful but they are not what makes this holiday special. What is special is the company you keep and the connections you make with others."


When I interviewed TevaNui O Te Moana Nui Matthey-Caravalho, a fellow classmate and he said “Christmas to me is the season of giving and spending time with your family and friends. I look forward to Christmas every year besides Halloween, because I get to spend time with everyone I love. Also I get to shop for everyone.”


I interviewed Mateo Sakata, one of my best friends, he said “Christmas means giving not receiving. Everything is like being grateful, and Christmas is like a sign/holiday that marks the end of the year.”


I interviewed Louis Perroy and said “To me, Christmas means a time of giving and spending time with family, united in the spirit of celebration and happiness.”


I interviewed Ms. Akina, an adult on campus, she said “As a child, I loved Christmas. I had a special feeling that was warm and felt cozy toward the season.  And of course, I was excited for the gifts I would get. As an adult, Christmas is another day to me, but with decorations and an even busier schedule. What I love about the holiday though is bringing joy to my friends, family, and community through gifts and acts of service.”

What do teenagers want for Christmas? Some ideas

By Dylan Sasahara


     Obviously, all teenagers want different things for Christmas, but ALL teenagers want electronics and hobby items.  Here is the first part of a 2-part series of some Christmas ideas for teenagers.

     Some good Christmas gifts for your kids or teenagers would be like if they like a certain game you could get them clothes or a jacket with the video game topic or character they like. For teens, something good could be like L.E.D lights or if they like to go outside or they are active.

     In addition, you could get them something that relates to their hobby like a bodyboard or if they like to go diving you could get them a new spear or spear gun. Or something that is currently 20 percent off is a personal charging hub that is 26.99 on amazon it can charge your iPhone apple watch and AirPods on one device.


If your friend is into shoes a brand of Nike( Air Force 1’s) are 90$ on Nike.com. On Amazon, there is a Bluetooth speaker that is under the brand anker that is 27$.


Warrior Sports Update

By Kaitlin Beatty

Sports Editor

Soccer Schedule

The girls schedule is:

First game 12/21- KSH

Second game 12/28- Ka’u

Third game 1/5- Kona

Fourth game 1/7- Hilo

Fifth game 1/12- HPA

Sixth game 1/15 Kea’au

Seventh game 1/25- Honoka’a

Eighth game 1/29- Kealakehe

BIIF Semis: 2/9

BIIF Finals:2/12


The boys schedule is:

First game 12/22- Parker

Second game 1/5- Kona

Third game 1/7- Hilo

Fourth game 1/10- Ka’u

Fifth game 1/12- HPA

Sixth game 1/15 Kea’au

Seventh game 1/18- Kohala

Eighth game 1/21- CLA (Christian Liberty Academy)

Ninth game: 1/25- Honoka’a

Tenth game: 1/29-Kealakehe

Eleventh game: 2/4- Makua Lani School

Twelfelf game: 2/8: KSH

BIIF Semis: 2/16

BIIF Finals: 2/19


Hawaii Diaper Bank helps many on the Island

By Glislynn Kamai

The Hawai’i diaper bank is an organization that helps the needs of the Keiki of Hawai’i. It provides diapers, wipes, and other basic essentials. The organization helps assist low-income families with young children. Values they believe in are “We believe in child support suffering from diaper need, all children deserve access to clean and dry diapers.” They accomplish the mission by collecting diapers and wipes by community drives and events as well as through corporate donations, and low-cost bulk purchasing. They also distribute diapers and wipes to partner organizations that serve low-income families in Hawai’i. 


The founders of this amazing organization are Jessica Histo and  Mari-ella Chock. Jessica Histo is a registered nurse on the Big Island. She earned a B.S in nursing from Hawai’i Pacific University. Jessica currently serves as a nurse in the Maternity Ward at Kona Community Hospital, she also teaches prenatal classes and intermediate Fetal Monitoring. Jessica founded the Hawai’i Diaper Bank as the Big Island Diaper Drive in 2016, and currently serves as the president and board secretary. Mari-ella Chock is a Bay native, and she moved to Hawai’i in 2007. Mari Ella graduated from San Francisco State University and has a bachelor's degree in Journalism. She worked for many news stations over the years, and after the second decade of her career, she decided to work in public relations, marketing, and community engagement. She brings her communications experience to the Hawai’i Diaper Bank.


Hannah London is board chair. She was born and raised outside of Chicago, illinois. She received a B.S in Human Development from Cornell University. After she graduated, she was accepted into Teach for America and moved to Los Angeles, California. After arriving on the Big Island she helped establish the HDB nonprofit status under the fiscal sponsorship of Hawai’i Children’s Action Network and also formalized HDB operations. She does serve as program and operations director and board chair for HDB. Some other fantastic women a part of this organization are Sasha Lovelace- Ragon, Dana Murph, Geoli Ng, Cecilia Royale. We thank these wonderful people who play a huge role in the HDB. 


Every year, our school donates to this organization. We appreciate all that the Hawai’i Diaper Bank does for our community. If you would like to donate please go to



Diaper bank.jpg

Waiakeaʻs Math League top 10 in the state

By Louis Perroy


  Math League is an afterschool club that gives students the opportunity to improve their math skills. The advisor for the club is Mr. Waters. The volunteers participate in competitions each month, where they solve interesting math problems and represent our school by competing against other schools across the state.

     The organization is set up as a competition, and Waiakea has always been a competitive team. Currently, Waiakea is ranked eighth place in the state and there is still plenty of time for the team to improve the standings. Hopefully this will be a successful year. Good luck Math League!