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The online student news source of Waiakea High School - 2021-2022 (September 3 Edition)

By Jayden Hashimoto


Next Generation Writing Contest

by Lacey Wong

     Are you interested in creative writing? Or, are you a creative person, by any chance? If any of those apply to you, then I have something for you. Behind the Vision, a company that was initially founded to “connect with authors and learn about their stories” (as stated on their website), is hosting a writing contest for not only high school students, but also for middle school students. There are two categories for writers to follow, as well as four set prompts per category (short stories & poetry). On top of that, each prompt covers a different style of writing, from horror to haikus. This contest is a fun way to push your boundaries in writing and let your creativity flow.

     This contest has rounds for every state, so you’ll also be able to compete with others in your given state. If you’re wondering if there is any prize involved, then you’re certainly in luck. The prize is the opportunity to have your submission published in a collection of short stories and poems, entitled The Next Generation: 2021 High School Edition. The prize also has a State Edition, meaning that even if you aren’t chosen as the overall winner, you still have a big chance to get your works published in the collection. If you’re looking to enter, then simply click the box on the Ka Leo website that says “The Next Generation” and it should redirect you to the website. On the bottom, there should be a form to fill out, where you can enter your submission and submit them.


    In conclusion, this contest is an amazing opportunity for writers to have their works be noticed by others. Even if you think that your works aren’t as good as a professional’s work, it’s still worth an attempt (just for fun). The deadline for entries is November 1st, 2021, so good luck, and do your best for this contest, everyone!

Banana Lovers Day is coming soon!

By Louis Perroy and Sri Butz


September 22, 2021 is Waiakea High School’s very own Banana Lovers Day. On this glorious date, there will be banana flavored treats and ice cream available for students. Each student will receive a special wristband in order to get these treats either during recess or lunch. You then will be marked off and cannot get your treat a second time. To celebrate the awesome power of the banana, we have also compiled a photo collection, displaying many different varieties of this wonderful fruit.


This year we will be doing a decorating contest against all classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, seniors) which will be judged by teachers. Our main color themes are green and yellow and we will be decorating portions of the Q201 building. The winner of the Banana Lovers Day contest will be awarded spirit points that will help win the Spirit Stick. Any participants are greatly appreciated, and we hope to see you there. Thank you!

Academy Corner
STAR Academy is now
The Academy of Arts and Communication

By Sri Butz

     In our upcoming issues we will talk about the different career academies that Waiakea High School has to offer. We are talking about the Academy of Industry and Technology.  Career paths in the Academy of Arts and Communication include Creative and Artistic Expression, Written Arts, Performing Arts, Speech Communication, Visual Arts, Communication Technology, Journalism/Broadcasting, Healthy Lifestyle, Culture, Hospitality, Hotels, Recreation, Traveling, and Sustainable Traditions.  If you are interested in any of these jobs, please consider enlisting in the Academy of Arts and Communication career paths.  Although the name has been changed the academy is still offering quality teaching. So, stay tuned for more information about our various career paths and opportunities!

    Stay tuned for more information about our numerous career paths and opportunities.


Please welcome our new nurse!

by Glislynn Kamai


     Ms. Lyndsey Willie is our school’s nurse practitioner, who has the challenging new role in helping Waiakea High School address the challenges and needs of facing the Covid-19 situation.

     Ms. Willie is from New Orleans Lousiana. She graduated from UH Manoa school of nursing. She was working for 10 years and she moved to Hawaii about two years ago. She has worked with grandparents, babies, and now teenage students. She graduated with MSN, APRN-Rx, and FNP-c. 


Some covid tips from Ms. Willie include: Get vaccinated, wear a mask, physical distance, avoid crowds, wash your hands often, monitor your health daily, and If you're sick please stay home

By Kaitlin Beatty

Senior Editor


Mateoʻs Travel Guide to Asia

- Cambodia!-

By Mateo Sakata

Ka Leo Writer