This was the hotel that I stayed in while staying in Siempre Reap. The hotel is called Memoire d’Angkor Boutique Hotel at a good price with fresh food special to Cambodia.  This hotel is highly recommended. 


This is the Banteay Srei hindu temple. When inside of the temple, you'll never see a plain flat wall. Each wall has a story of hindu history carved and designed 

Cambodia:  The Land of Kampuchea
By Mateo Sakata


     In December of 2019, I traveled to Cambodia and Vietnam for 3 weeks. The first place I went was Cambodia, the land of the Kampuchean people. It is a beautiful country with many ancient and marvelous sites.   It has a wealth of history.

     My first day in Cambodia was pretty good. We arrived at night with our tour guide taking my family to our hotel.  Our hotel was called  Memoire d’Angkor Boutique Hotel which was a very artistic and good-priced hotel. The customer service was also very good, all the workers were very friendly and helped whenever we needed help.

     Our first dinner was kinda “different”. The restaurant we went to served alligator and austerage. If you're from Cambodia or somewhere in southeast asia, you might not be surprised, but considering I’m not from southeast asia, I was a bit surprised. The next day we took a trip to the ancient Angkor Wat temple built in the 12th century. This temple was built to serve the god “Vishnu” but later became a buddhist temple. Angkor Wat had very beautiful architecture and little designs carved into each of the walls.

     Finally, the last and most fascinating place we travelled to was Ta Prohm which was ANOTHER temple, which was built in 1198. This temple was so old that trees have grown through and out of the structures. Yet, it was a great example of the beautiful ancient history that depicts this beautiful and ancient country.  Next month, we travel to Vietnam.


We visit a local drink shop that sells drinks, but more importantly,  a fresh and refreshing coconut drink, a popular refreshment in Cambodia 


We visited Bayon, which is a 12th-century temple built by King Khmer

The two figures sitting in front of the temple are the guards who protect the temple from any trespassers or threat.