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Maya Kaneshiro: Warrior Artist

and Art Award Recipient

     East Hawai‘i Cultural Center has selected WHS Freshman Maya Kaneshiro's piece 'Mixed Views' as the recipient of the 2021 Judith Hara Believe in Art Award at the 2021 Young At Art Exhibit.

     Mayaʻs 4 art pieces depict the EVOLUTION of her artwork as she creates the painting in her own artistic process.

     The East Hawaii Cultural Center awarded Maya $100 for her piece, entitled "Mixed Views, which now becomes part of the EHCCʻs permanent Childrenʻs Collection.

      The Award was named after Judith Hara,  the Young At Art Coordinator, who retired in 2020 after 32 years of spearheading the exhibition in Partnership with EHCC.

     The EHCC created the Believe in Art Award in Haraʻs legacy. Every year EHCC will designate someone in our community to choose a piece of art that they believe in, based on their personal feelings, to receive this award. This year's award was selected by Rebecca Choi, a community volunteer with the Keiki Heroes organization. Keiki Heroes worked with us throughout the month of March to sponsor and support our Youth Art Month efforts.


Isabelle Au:  Student Photographer

Where photography and art meet as one

     Junior Isabelle Au was one of the Warrior artists featured in April in Lichen Fosterʻs "Creating from home" article:

     This month she is featured in her own Photo Essay depicting the visual beauty of everyday scenes. She credits the Photovoice Program for allowing her to stretch her boundaries as a photographer and artist. Enjoy.


Getting Through It:
Personally, I know that life will be scary and terrifying for me. However, I think that's exactly what life needs to be so I can grow. I need to look past my terrors and fears and beyond will be the beauty
of opportunities and the goals that I will achieve.


I envision myself continuing my passion for gymnastics in the future. Ironically, my love-hate relationship for my sport drives my passion.

My Worst Critic.jpg

My Worst Critic:
When I imagine my future, I overthink; and that overthinking leads to a downwards-spiraling of jumbled thoughts. What career will I pursue? What college will I go to? What will my future look like? Will I not
like what I see? Will I regret my choices? As the saying goes: You are your worst critic. The only thing that's holding me back is myself.


In my future, I want to achieve what I believe now to be unattainable.
I envision myself free and achieving the impossible. In order to get there, I need to let go of my insecurities, troubles, and worries, and just strive to be the best version of myself.

Expand My Horizons:
Regarding a career choice, I am at a loss. As a result, I decided to expand my possible choices by taking a range of classes (even ones I am not interested in at the moment) and new opportunities. In expanding my horizons, I do not have to force myself into any particular career and I can just go with the flow.

One Step at a Time:
I do not have a set path in life. So, I am just going to keep moving and improving by taking one step at a time.

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